It’s no secret that a healthy herd is a major contributor to achieving maximum, high quality milk production. Fisher & Thompson’s “Complete Prevention Program” assists you in caring for your herd from calves through fully mature cows.

The key components in our program are vaccines and animal nutrition products. Our route drivers and office staff have the experience and knowledge of vaccinations and general animal health to provide the guidance and resources you need for maintaining a healthy herd.


Fisher & Thompson works with you to set up vaccination programs and schedules so the proper vaccines are administered at the right time throughout a cow’s life. Vaccines are tailored specifically to your dairy operation’s needs based on environmental and herd factors. Plus, we are familiar with both “modified live” and “killed” vaccines and understand the proper approach and rationale for using each option.

Animal Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy herd also means providing your cows with the vital nutrients they need to generate maximum milk production. Fisher & Thompson offers a variety of vital animal nutrition products for your herd. Click the feed products below to download more information.

GEA WestfaliaSurge LogoDon’t Let Foot Disease Cripple Your Dairy
Foot disease can cost your dairy operation more dollars per cow than mastitis; from treatment to loss of milk production. Fisher & Thompson can help prevent foot disease in your herd with the PediCuRx Foot Care Management System from WestfaliaSurge.

PediCuRx Fot Care Management SystemPediCuRx Foot Care Management System

  • Programmable dispensing footbath – provides the right amount of powder or liquid hygiene products every time, saving time and labor
  • Minimal water use – still provides effective flushing and cleaning of footbath
  • Indestructible – rugged, cross-link polyethylene footbath is virtually indestructible
  • Air-operated bladder gate – simple, rugged, performs well in all environments
  • Pre-cleaning pre-bath – cleans feet before entering treatment bath
  • Longer length – allows for frequent “double dipping” of each foot for greater effectiveness
  • Angled front entry edge – easy for cow to step in bath and diverts flush water away from bath

Teat Dips

ABS LogoMastitis control is key to insuring quality milk production. Whether it's caused by environmental or contagious organisms, ABS has the product technology to control the factors. Through use of acidified sodium chlorite, ABS products are able to achieve a complete kill in 15-20 seconds, kill all major mastitis organisms, be more effective under organic loads and is environmentally friendly.

Valiant - Triple protection to reduce new environmental infections.
Encore - Long lasting and reduces threat of contagious Mastitis.
Express - Premium protection, at economical concentrate pricing.

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