Dairy Solution SeriesFor Fisher & Thompson, being there for Dairymen means finding innovative ideas and solutions for them when their needs aren’t met by our vendors.

Our Dairy Solution Series family of products and equipment were created or modified by Fisher & Thompson and offers efficient, cost-effective solutions in areas that are extremely important to dairy farmers. We believe in our Dairy Solution Series products because we know what they can do for you!

ECO-Stall Milking Parlor

ECO Stall Milking ParlorIdeal for Dairies with less than 300 cows!

When larger parlor manufacturers said there was no demand for swing arm systems, Fisher & Thompson decided to design and engineer their own. The ECO-Stall milking parlor is ideal for dairies with 50-250 cows. ECO-Stall follows a parallel stall set up in which one set of milker units are used on one side of the parlor and then swing over on an arm to the other side, enabling you to increase animal throughput and lower labor costs.

Dairy Mate

Dairy MateThe most durable product of its kind on the market!

Available as a stall barn detacher or milk monitor system, Dairy Mate by Fisher & Thompson measures milk yield, temperature, time and somatic cell count. Modified by Fisher & Thompson from an original design by Ag Instruments (AIC), Dairy Mate features AIC circuit boards, state-of-the-art electric motor detach and a heavy duty handle that won’t break from everyday use!

12 V Bulk Tank Washer System

Dairy MateGuarantees proper cleaning without the use of electrical outlets, increasing bonus potential and profits!

Invented by Fisher & Thompson, the 12 V Bulk Tank Washer System ensures proper cleaning without the use of electrical outlets which increases profitability. But the benefits don’t stop there. With this revolutionary system, the tank is washed immediately after being emptied while everything is still wet and before residue has the opportunity to dry on the tank’s inside surface. That means lower bacteria counts and higher premiums. Precise chemical dispensing allows you to better control costs and there’s also no delay in the morning after nighttime pickup so you’re ready for milking. And since you don’t have to manually clean the tank, you save time, too!

Bovine Target Enforcer

Available in dry or liquid form, Fisher & Thompson’s Bovine Target Enforcer is a yeast extract and yeast culture for your calves that is designed to provide excellent results at an economical price. Especially beneficial for initial starter diets for calves starting on feed, Bovine Target Enforcer provides all of the benefits associated with yeast culture. It can help to improve palatability of the feeds, which can be helpful in increasing feed intake. Bovine Target Enforcer, another dairy solution from Fisher & Thompson.

Flavor Saver

For the best baled hay preservative for your herd, count on Flavor-Savor! This high quality baled hay preservative is exclusive to Fisher & Thompson. Ideal for corn silage, haylage, and high moisture corn, Fisher & Thompson’s Flavor-Savor is outstanding for inhibiting mold thanks to a combination of a 65% Propionic Acid Preservative and a blend of other acids and ammonium hydroxide.

Ultra Dairy Select

Ultra Dairy Select from Fisher & Thompson aids digestibility of your herd’s feed. Combined with yeast culture, Ultra Dairy Select will give you the results you want to see. Ultra Dairy Select includes vital enzymes which help digest complex feed molecules, and it blends well when added to other products. A dry hydrolyzed yeast product, Ultra Dairy Select can be pelleted without loss of quality due to heat. Ultra Dairy Select from Fisher & Thompson will help you get more quality milk from your herd – and that means more money for you!