WestfaliaSurge Milking Equipment

For all your milking equipment needs you can count on WestfaliaSurge to deliver the quality equipment for your dairy, and you can count on Fisher & Thompson to deliver the service, parts support and customer service you need to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Classic 300 Evolution Milking Unit Classic 300 Evolution Milking Unit

  • The industry standard
  • Revised milk inlet positions for narrow to normal rear teat quarters
  • Balanced claw weight
  • High capacity for faster milk-out
  • Virtually indestructible – stainless steel & extremely tough composite claw bowl
  • Maintains stable vacuum level with high flow rates


Compass Plus Pipeline Washer

Compass Plus Pipeline Washer

  • Optimizes water & chemical use
  • Easy to program customized settings
  • Optional temperature monitoring
  • Rugged construction for longer life


CL Vacuum PumpCL Vacuum Pump

  • Solid shaft and rotor assembly versus a two piece, pinned design - stronger one piece assembly outlasts the competition
  • Exclusive internal coating - improves performance and reduces exhaust temperatures compared to uncoated pumps
  • Non-stick lobes - release milk vapor build-up more readily
  • Helical timing gears versus straight spur gears - smoother operation with three gear touch points versus the competitors’ single touch point
  • Splash oil lubrication on both sides of the pump - no greasing required for longer time between required maintenance
  • Viton lipseals – chemically resistant seals keeps oil in and other contaminants out
  • Powder coated paint process used on the steel frame – resists corrosion
  • 1.15 service factory motor – heavy duty, long lasting
  • Fully factory assembled with laser guided pulley alignment – less installation time and longer belt life
  • Optional Vacuum On Demand control – provides energy saving variable speed control and lower maintenance costs


Touchstone Detacher
  • Touchstone Detacher - A practical choice for any parlor. Provides accurate, reliable parlor monitoring with simple push-button controls.
  • DeMaxx Series - Detacher with flow sensor. Simple, convenient controls with control panel at each stall, plus optional remote start or easy start (vacuum only).
  • DemaTron Series - Displays milk weights with I.D. Simple, convenient controls with ergonomic control panel at each stall, plus remote start or easy start (vacuum only).
  • Metatron 21 Series - For over 20 years, Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability & ease of use. The new Metatron 21 gives you real time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management control at your fingertips with instant data access.

Conewango Inflations

CL Vacuum Pump Inflations from Fisher & Thompson and Conewango!
Fisher & Thompson has teamed up with Conewango to offer inflations that deliver best-in-the-industry quality. These inflations provide thorough milk outs, reduce slippage, and there’s no harmful break-in; all of which leads to improved udder health and higher milk quality. Plus, by using the highest quality standards of reliability, you can be sure you’ll receive the same inflation with every liner change. Once you experience the best, nothing else will do… inflations from Conewango and Fisher & Thompson.

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