Make Milking More Efficient with Fisher & Thompson

The right milking parlor system for your
dairy makes the milking process more efficient.

Fisher & Thompson has multiple options and the expertise to help you find the best parlor system to increase the profitability of your dairy operation.

Fisher & Thompson has the resources, knowledge, experience and tools to handle any and all challenges associated with the installation. We also monitor your milking system after installation to make sure everything is functioning properly and efficiently. Plus, with options ranging from rotary, parallel, herringbone, tie-stalls, and even robotic, Fisher & Thompson has the right milking parlor solution for you.

Franklin View Farm, Breneman Family
Washington Boro, PA

Franklin View Farms Milking Parlor

Double 14 WestfaliaSurge Mag 40 Herringbone with Metatron 12 meters, ID, sorting

Clair & Lois Beyers – Lititz, PA

Clair & Lois Beyers Parlor

Double 15 WestfaliaSurge Mag 90i with Omni detachers and7200 KoolWay Tank

Irvin Brubaker Family – Lebanon, PA

Irvin Brubaker Family Parlor

28 stall WestfaliaSurge Autorotor with
Metatron 21 meters, ID, sorting

Ivan Kauffman Family – Allensville, PA

Ivan Kauffman Family Parlor

WestfaliaSurge Swing 12 with ACR 3 detachers



Did You Know?

Fisher & Thompson installs sheep parlors!

Sheep Parlor Meters Sheep Parlor

Valley Shepherd Farm, Eran Wajswol - Oldwick, NJ
36 stall WestfaliaSurge Autorotor sheep parlor with meters and detachers

More Parlor Information

WestfaliaSurge AutoRotor Mag 90
WestfaliaSurge Challenger 90
WestfaliaSurge Global 90i
WestfaliaSurge Magnum 40 Herringbone
WestfaliaSurge Magnum 90i
WestfaliaSurge SwingOver

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