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Dairy Plan CollageDairy Plan C21
With WestfaliaSurge’s DairyPlan C21 herd and parlor management system you can monitor and control your parlor system as you manage your entire herd.

Whatever your management style, DairyPlan C21 helps you get the information you need in a clear, easy manner. Using the latest technology, DairyPlan C21 lets you Evaluate, Analyze, Monitor, Benchmark and Plan to successfully manage your entire herd – from calves and milking cows to dry cows.

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Paul Corll - 10 years

CowSigns Software from ABS monitors the effects of environment on the reproductive performance of cows. Designed for handheld pocket PC devices, CowSigns is an efficient way to collect information on your cows and their environment. CowSigns provides key information on variables such as cow comfort, cow cleanliness, cud chewing, locomotion scores, teat end scores, and turn time so you, your dairy manager, nutritionist, vet, and others can make sound decisions on reproductive performance, nutrition, cow comfort and more.
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Dr. Roger Thomson

Dr. Roger Thompson - Dairy VeterinarianDairy Operation Consultant
A practicing dairy veterinarian with clients ranging in size from 50 to 3,000 cows for over 25 years in both Ohio and Michigan, Dr. Roger Thomson can bring his expertise and resources of his Team Management Concepts to your dairy operation. Dr. Thomson consults on dairy reproductive programs, making practical recommendations that have a proven “return on investment” track record and has worked with ABS Global providing technical service consulting for more than four years.

ABS LogoWith an understanding of the economic and management challenges facing dairy owners and managers, Dr. Thomson and Team Management Concepts help dairies with valuable services.