With Fisher & Thompson’s Mueller® factory trained refrigeration specialists you get problem solvers, not “parts changers”; specialists who truly know your milk cooling equipment. Factory trained refrigeration specialists…another dairy solution from Fisher & Thompson.

Mueller Logo
  • Factory trained refrigeration specialists
  • Unmatched equipment knowledge/expertise
  • Superior Mueller milk cooling equipment
  • Refurbished tanks – thoroughly inspected, in great working order & ready to install

Milk Coolers
Mueller® milk coolers set the world standard for quality. Mueller® milk coolers provide low operating costs and precise temperature control which protects your milk and gives you peace of mind.

Mueller Milk Coolers

  • Available in 14 sizes from 500 to 8,000 gallons – tailored to your specific storage capacity requirements
  • Type 304 stainless steel construction – highly polished stainless steel provides durability and cleanability
  • Inner lines with exclusive Temp-Plate heat transfer surface – maintains high thermal storage efficiency
  • Built to exacting specifications – meets or exceeds all milk cooling and storage standards
  • Automatic cleaning system – provides precise, controlled cycles and chemical dispensing

A Mueller® Accu-Therm heat plate exchanger lets you use your existing water supply to precool warm milk before putting it in your milk cooler. You can cut the operating time of your refrigeration system up to 50% by precooling milk and getting to the proper temperature faster.

Mueller Accu-Therm
  • Save up to 50% on energy costs – uses tap or well water to precool milk to significantly reduce operating time and wear and tear of cooler’s refrigeration system
  • Cools milk down to 37˚F (3˚C) in less time – maintain high milk quality and impede bacteria growth
  • Stainless steel end frames and compression bolts – durable, no maintenance, components are rust resistant
  • Snap in gaskets – for ease of inspection
  • Type 316 stainless steel plates – top quality plate material for sanitary milk contact surface
  • Clean-in-place system – keeps maintenance low

Mueller Fre-HeaterFre-Heater
A Mueller® Fre-Heater can produce free hot water from the wasted heat generated by the milk cooling refrigeration system. Harvest up to 60% of this normally wasted heat energy to create hot water!

  • Available in three sizes – 50, 80 and 120 gallons
  • Stainless steel Temp-Plate heat transfer surface – highly efficient heat transfer surface
  • Industrial grade storage tank – strong, durable, protects against natural water corrosion, increases life of tank
  • Fully insulated storage tank – up to two inches of foam insulation to keep water hot until needed
  • Stainless steel outer jacket – resists rust

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