We know the dairy industry, our level of experience is second to none, and our size and resources enable us to have specialists in all the areas your dairy operation needs. We offer the largest supply of equipment, parts and chemicals and it’s our knowledge that allows dairymen to get the most out of the products they buy from us.

Milking Equipment Service Specialists

Troy Branch

↑ Dedicated Employees of our Troy Branch
Glenville Farm's milk tank installation ↓

Glenville Farms milk tank installation

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Versatile. Responsive. Those words describe Fisher & Thompson’s team of Milk Equipment Service Technicians. Whether something needs repaired or simply maintained, our service technicians are in the field making equipment work and solving problems.

Experienced – Among our 40+ service technicians, more than 50% have over 10 years of practical, hands-on experience. That experience and lack of employee turnover benefits our customers each and every day. Plus, when new technicians are added to our team, they ride with experienced service technicians who mentor them and show them what they need to know.

Knowledgeable - At Fisher & Thompson our Milk Equipment Service Technicians know milking equipment inside and out and use that knowledge to keep your operation running strong. They know the available parts options to keep your equipment working. Whatever the problem, our technicians know how to solve it even if that requires an “out of the box” approach. Fisher & Thompson service technicians will also draw on the deep network of knowledge by talking and discussing problems and possible solutions as needed.

Versatile – Fisher & Thompson Milk Equipment Service Technicians can install AND service all equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. That versatility also means our service technicians know how to mix and match parts from different manufacturers, if necessary, to ensure you can keep milking and your equipment can keep running.

Leola Cooling Systems Specialists

Leola Branch refrigeration specialists ↑
↓ Our Belleville Branch dairy service team

Belleville Branch


Responsive – Milk Equipment Service Technicians at Fisher & Thompson are available 24/7 and are dispatched from any of our nine branch locations. We understand you can’t afford downtime so we are available whenever you need us. Our service technicians can also walk you through service issues over the phone if necessary because of their familiarity with equipment and parts.

Refrigeration Specialists

The Refrigeration Division at Fisher & Thompson is dedicated to working to reduce energy costs and improve the profitability of dairies. Regardless of the dairy’s size, we have the solutions needed to maintain milk quality while minimizing operation costs. Fisher & Thompson’s knowledge of the industry can improve your operations whether it’s ensuring the quality of your milk, saving on energy costs, improving milk sanitation, or utilizing efficient refrigeration.